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Men's Group - Fellaship

~ Men's Ministry & Social Group for all ages ~


Fellaship is the men's ministry and social group at Gilgal Baptist Church here in Porthcawl. The group has only just recently been formed and is currently run by a team of nine men  who volunteer to organise and run events aimed at building fellowship between the men of the church, as well as encouraging new men and their families to join the church family at Gilgal.

Anyone is welcome to join the team who is willing to suggest, organise and run events which they feel will benefit men of the church, encourage new members and that will help build camaraderie and spiritual well-being.


We offer a mixture of events for men at all stages of their faith and even those who do not currently believe in Christ as their Saviour. These may be social events of a 'non-threatening nature', such as barbecues, curry evenings and quizes, to breakfasts with a testimony for those of faith and those inquisitive about faith, to discussion events that take a closer look at the Christian faith and how subjects may equate to modern living. We are also looking at running events that directly benefit the wider community of Porthcawl.

Recent events have included a breakfast at which Air Commodore Mark Leakey gave  us an account of his life in the RAF and of his personal experience as the only man to ever write-off two Harrier Jump-jets. Amazingly he explained how these events led him to his faith in Christ. We also ran a summer BBQ and most recently a multimedia quiz.

Next Event - Because of the pandemic, Fellaship will hold its first event in January 2022 - look out for details.

Recent Events

Men's Breakfast

Air Commodore Mark Leakey

Cooked Breakfast

Men's Breakfast

Men's BBQ

Men's BBQ

Men's Quiz


Quiz Winners

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