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About Gilgal

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Gilgal Baptist Church

The church was formed nearly 150 years ago and is situated in Porthcawl on the South Wales coast. 

Gilgal is located close to the town centre, on Park Avenue and  comprises the main Church building – the sanctuary – and a separate hall alongside.


Our church family numbers approximately 150 people of all ages who meet in fellowship, reflecting a diverse section of Christian background, traditions and experiences. Our extended family, who may not always participate in worship services, but share in our community activities, is of course much greater.

Moving with the times - BIG changes ahead!

Over the next two to three years there are major changes planned at Gilgal - changes to ensure our buildings are fit for purpose, to keep us abreast with modern worship trends, to serve our community better and to provide the type of flexible facilities that families will enjoy and benefit from. A plan to make our church a place of glory to God.

These will include a new modern entrance to the church itself, an expansion of floor space so as to provide a larger modern reception area with café facilities, better use of space in the sanctuary, with dedicated space for parents with young toddlers and better sound and lighting to brighten up the inside areas.

Longer term plans are to demolish the old church hall and rebuild it as a more 'fit-for-purpose building, so that it can be utilised for both church, youth and community activities, ensuring that we also meet all access requirements for the elderly and mobility challenged persons.

We also plan to utilise the church land better so as to create more parking spaces.



  • Candle-lit Carols
  • Beach BBQ
  • Elvis Weekend
  • Stuart Townend
  • Lee Abbey
  • Easter Witness
  • Nativity
  • Easter Breakfast
  • Tenby Trip
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