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Building Project


There comes a time when every church building requires updating. To make it fit for purpose in a modern world and improve the facilities it provides for the local community as well as its own congregation.

Our vision is to create a venue accessible to all and fit for multiple purposes. One that is available and suitable for increased community involvement.

2021 will see Phase 1 of such a renovation for Gilgal Baptist Church completed. It will involve upheaval to church life, serious project management and considerable funding.

What are our plans?

Church members are committed to a long-term major redevelopment in three stand-alone, phases.

Phase 1 will modify the main sanctuary.

We will create a modern, welcoming and disabled-friendly entrance, which leads to accessible and adaptable multi-purpose areas, suitable for both church and community activities.

We will provide an enlarged, enclosed café area with a mezzanine above, modern toilet facilities and an upgraded kitchen. The building will be able to function independently from the adjacent church hall to provide pleasant open venues for Community groups, catering facilities and possibly FoodShare opportunities.  

Phase 2 will see the church hall demolished and replaced with a new two-storey hall.

It will have a smaller footprint to allow the existing car park to be expanded. This building will focus primarily on youth work, with dedicated areas for youth and toddler activities, as well as a large multipurpose hall, with toilet and kitchen facilities.

Phase 3 will return to the sanctuary and make further modifications if necessary.


Why do we need to Redevelop?

The main church building was erected in 1922 and the church hall was added alongside during the 1950’s. Although minor modifications have taken place over the years, the buildings are essentially unchanged and as such, are no longer fit for purpose.

This is particularly true of the main building. The entrance is unwelcoming. Disabled and pushchair access is limited. Its layout restricts versatility and adaptability in both the sanctuary and fellowship areas and the ability to provide modern, accessible facilities for community groups.  The toilets are minimal, inaccessible and badly in need of updating. There are no kitchen or catering facilities.

It is difficult to maintain the regulatory safeguarding requirements for our youth and children’s activities, taking place in the adjacent church hall, while this building contains the only accessible toilet and limited kitchen facilities.

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Please Note: Red hatched areas on existing plans will indicate area of new development.

What are the benefits?

Large spaces for group meetings are limited in Porthcawl.

By offering a larger foyer, a new kitchen and accessible modern toilets in the main building, we will provide a welcoming cafe style area for group refreshment and fellowship. As we make our facilities more accessible and are able to host more group activities simultaneously, we will be able to expand our community engagement during the week

The new balcony area will provide additional versatile space and our children’s’ ministries will be able to have full use of the church hall, assisting us to maintain our safeguarding policies.


A non-exhaustive list of our current community groups which would benefit include:

   Around 50 elderly folk attending the weekly Lunchclub and the mid-week service.  

   A well-attended slimming club once a week.

   A Carer and Toddler Group, currently running twice a week.

   A weekly and very successful community craft club.

   A twice weekly karate club.

What are our future plans?

Expanding into a FoodShare scheme. This would run alongside the twice weekly Foodbank we currently host elsewhere in the town. Through this we already have regular contact with people in great need of support, hot drinks and light meals.

Encouraging our elderly group to meet more regularly for weekday coffee and chat.

Encouraging young mums with pre-school children to relax and socialise.

Establishing a drop in lunch/after school project for children from the nearby comprehensive school in Park Avenue. We could provide light refreshments in a welcoming café area until the dedicated youth facilities become available under Phase 2.


Our immediate aspiration is to provide an accessible, versatile and welcoming building which encourages people, of all ages, to come in and relax in a warm and friendly environment.

In the longer term, we hope this will encourage more to share fellowship with us and ultimately come to faith in Jesus Christ.


The timescale for completion of Phase 1 of the project is 6 months starting in April 2021.

The estimated cost of this phase is £520,000 of which £460,000 has already been raised.

We are grateful to Allchurches Trust, the James Panyfedwyn Foundation and the Beatrice Laing Trust for their financial assistance towards the project.

If you would like to donate to the project, please email treasurer.gilgal@gmail.com for information regarding ways you can do this.

Please visit our website, www.gilgal.co.uk for a more comprehensive overview of our church, its aims and its activities.

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